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The Digital Access Show explores the elements that make up good communication.  Usability + Accessibility + devotion to improvement + determination gives good communication.  

Making a change in each of the areas not only enhances communication.  It provides a good basis for improving business and includes those in the community that have different communication styles.

The Digital Access Show interview people from business, non-government organisations and those with disability to find out what makes good communication.,

The Digital Access Show is released every Sunday and can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify Podcast, Amazon  and other podcast distribution channels.


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Laura Garcia has a daughter, Eva, with a severe vision impairment.  Eva is now 12 and has started high school.  Laura and her family have mastered many challenges with the latest being high school.  

Amber and Jed have a 3 year old son, Hugo who has been diagnosed as ASD Level 3 and non-verbal. This has affected the whole family and taken them on a journey that they could never have imagined.

Patrick Dillon went for a swim to cool off in the Dawson River. His life changed forever. Listen to Patrick’s journey. He talks about the assistive technology tools that give him independence.

What is happening in the United States of America in regards to Digital Accessibility?  How does Australia compare?  Meryl Evans, international speaker, and accessibility marketing consultant discusses the current situation in USA and what the future holds. 

How does a wedding dress cause a change in career.  And it is definitely not related to marriage.  Mary has had a number of career changes who has found the best fit for her.  Mary is a business coach and leadership trainer along with being a published author.  Listen to Mary’s message about inclusion and diversity and how it relates to digital accessibility to communication.

Mark Muscat is a director of Digital Access Solutions and Assistive Technology.  Mark is also a tech guru and has worked in the information technology sector for over 25 years.  Mark is also blind.  What are the varriers that Mark continually run into and what has he done to turn the barriers into challenges? 

Grace Cameron works from home like a lot of us. However, she does it with few extra challenges. Grace has built a business from scratch and is truly inspiring in the way that she has made her life rich by thinking outside the square.

Brendan Somerville is a Human Resources specialist who mentors business as they bring on people with disability to work. Hear about his work, and why he is passionate about the disability sector.

David Oram is passionate about digital accessibility. He is also a digital marketing expert based in Melbourne who ensures that digital accessibility is included in all his work.

Shannon Towell is an Experience Designer who specialises in creating the best experiences for her clients. Working in both the digital and physical realm through the medium of websites, and interactives for museums and other cultural institutions.

Adam Morris is an assistive technology trainer who also happens to be vision impaired. Adam currently works for a Non Government Operator. He is affective and efficient and has some great points to offer.

Paula Burgess is an entrepreneur, business coach, boss, mum, sister, and fan of digital accessibility. She discusses how she incorporates digital accessibility into her work. Also find out a couple of great tips.

Allan Parker OAM, micro behavioural neuroscientist and forensic linguist, has travelled the world, written books and is an expert in complex negotiation and mediation. Allan is also dyslexic. Not able to read until he was 30 he has completed university degrees and has some great tips on how to manage meetings and conferences with diverse people to ensure inclusivity.