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Is your website accessible by everyone? Can everyone understand it, read it and know what you are offering?  Can the website be viewed successfully on mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers or other technologies such as kiosks.  What about your emails and other documents? What is your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ranking on Google?  All important questions if you want to be found.

We work with you to solve those accessibility problems making it accessible to a larger audience. 

That is, we teach you how to implement digital accessibility.

We are on the Queensland ICT Services Panel and the Buy NSW panel.  We are here to support you.

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SEO is, essentially, like a person with vision impairment.  It relies on text to find the information.  

Usability is all about how easy a document is to read and understand.  That is the website or document must be: 

  • easy and efficient to use,
  • effective,
  • understandable,
  • tolerant of errors,
  • able to be controlled by the user,
  • Minimise barriers/obstacles
  • predictable and
  • accessible. 

According to the World Wide Web Consortium:

“Web accessibility means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them. More specifically, people can:

  • perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web
  • contribute to the Web”

Google’s crawling bots  appreciate the digital accessibility techniques that are required to ensure that people with disability can access the same information.  That is, digital accessibility improves your rankings.


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Our team of Consultants works closely with clients to update all websites and documents to conform with the International and Australian Standards in Digital Accessibility.


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Our team of auditors collaborate with you to conduct a comprehensive examination and identification of all relevant issues, followed by a set of professional recommendations to efficiently resolve those issues.


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We provide training services for individuals and businesses in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and how to apply techniques to ensure that your websites and documents are accessible to the most people

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Our Reviews

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David Kitchen
David Kitchen
Sometimes there are issues that most of us are blissfully unaware of. Narelle from Dasat is an evangelist for getting companies to make sure their websites, emails and all digital communications are accessible for all. An inspiring company.
Jeff Sommers
Jeff Sommers
I was just on a webinar with Narelle where she explained the problems some people face when they are looking online for products and services or even just information. Really clear and concise explanation of what is needed on each website.
Ian Westmoreland
Ian Westmoreland
Narelle opened the door to providing an understanding of the challenges and amazing successes that people with vision impairment experience
Mark Goullet
Mark Goullet
I learned more about how these services are provided to fill access gaps required to support others and their daily living, #lifestyle support is key!
Ricky Blacker
Ricky Blacker
Narelle and the team at DASAT are amazing, their knowledge and insights into accessibility for all things digital are deep, concise and presented in easily digestible formats. I would highly recommend the DASAT team especially if you are dealing with customers in any way shape or form and have not had your interactions assessed to see where you could be causing access issues to your brand or service, and making sure you are making informed choices with all your communication channels.
Johnie Bobonica
Johnie Bobonica
Narelle and the team are tremendously helpful in the access solution space and are very client/customer centric. I recommend the business to anyone seeking digital access solutions.
Shannon Towell
Shannon Towell
Narelle and her team are very knowledgeable in all areas of accessibility and gaining WCAG certification. I have been speaking with Narelle frequently the last few months and look forward to them certifying my own site in the new year. Last month I joined one of their webinars and was thoroughly impressed by how the content was presented, and speaking about areas of accessibility I wasn't as familiar with before. She speaks with excitement, and passion for making the internet a more inclusive space which is infectious. I look forward to continuing working with them in the future.
The Marketing Factory
The Marketing Factory
In the realm of contemporary business, it's crucial to ensure your message resonates with diverse audiences. Narelle, from DASAT, has truly excelled in offering a practical perspective on how businesses might be unintentionally turning away customers who face challenges in accessing or understanding their content. If you're a business aiming to ensure that your message reaches every corner of the community, Narelle is your go-to expert. Her expertise is unparalleled!
kate smith
kate smith
Narelle is passionate about digital accessibility and excellent at finding solutions in this space. She's full of practical tips and will find the best solution for your communications needs. If you're hoping to open your business up to a wider community and communicate with more accessibility, Narelle at DASAT is the one to speak to!
lisa young
lisa young
DASAT was amazing to work with - they are the experts in the accessibility field and I would highly recommend DASAT to ensure you get a professional website that complies with accessibility guidelines. Both Narelle and Mark are a pleasure to work with and they will talk you through every stage of the process. I cannot recommend them highly enough.