Digital Accessibility Standards

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The World Wide Web Consortium, W3C for short, has developed a set of Guidelines that define how websites and other forms of digital communication can be developed to remove or limit communication barriers. W3C is an international community of member organisations, full time staff and the public that works together. It was started and is currently led by Tim Berners Lee, who is credited with the invention of the web.

W3C created the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) to develop the guidelines.

The guidelines have been implemented worldwide and are credited with ensuring access for the disabled.   The guidelines are known as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG for short. The current WCAG standard is 2.2.

Australian Standard

The standard in Australia is AS EN 301 549:2020. It is based in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level 2.0 Level A.

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WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Written on Green Key of Metallic Keyboard.

Web Content Access Guidelines Principles