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Focus and Digital Accessibility

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Two key elements that can be used in web design and development that also significantly contribute to the user experience are focus and digital accessibility. How are they related and how do they assist?

A target with an arrow hitting the bullseye. Why Focus?

How many times have you been reading something on a webpage, and suddenly, a flashy advertisement pops up, diverting your attention away from the content you were engrossed in. You now have lost your place and have to find it again.  Isn’t this frustrating?

To maintain a user’s focus, it’s essential to present content clearly and concisely. This includes well-structured headings, paragraphs, and logical navigation paths.

Establishing a clear visual hierarchy guides the user’s attention. Important elements should stand out through size, colour, or contrast, making it easier for users to focus on what matters.

Intrusive pop-ups, auto-playing videos, or excessive advertisements can disrupt user focus. Striking a balance between content and ads is crucial for retaining user engagement.

A person holding a sign with the words, Digital Accessibility, in a blue circle. Focus and Digital Accessibility: The Relationship.    

Focus and digital accessibility are interconnected in more ways than one.

Users navigating a site via keyboard depend on proper focus management. If focus is erratic or inconsistent, it can hinder their ability to use the website effectively. Accessibility standards help ensure that focus is managed correctly.

Web pages that follow accessibility guidelines often have clear and well-organized content. This not only benefits users with disabilities but also reduces cognitive load for all users, making it easier for everyone to focus on the information they seek.

A user-friendly, accessible website is more likely to retain visitors. When users can easily find and engage with content, they’re more likely to stay on the site, benefiting businesses and organizations.


Focus and digital accessibility are integral to creating a positive web experience for all users. When combined, they not only make websites more user-friendly but also contribute to a more inclusive online environment.