Digital Accessibility and Balance

Businessman walking on single string, trying to keep balance between message Life and Work.

Digital Accessibility is all about communication and breaking down barriers.  It is all about ensuring that the message that you want to give is able to be understood by as many people as possible.  However, some people can get overwhelmed when starting to look at digital accessibility.  Don’t let it overwhelm you.  Do it in a balanced way.  Tackle one area at a time.  You might decide to add alternate text to all images on your website.  You might decide to look at the typeface that you are using along with ensuring that the colours that you use meet the ratio of 4.5:1.    They are small steps that can make a big difference from the start.  The balance is ensuring that you add a bit each week and don’t do it all at once.  Set aside an hour to ensure that you can start to add the changes into  your business process or documentation.  Sometimes, it will be as simple as making the decision to not go back to the old documents unless you really need to.  Start with all the new documents that you create. 

Small steps can build up into great progress.